Do you know the feeling when you are planning on doing something really beaufitul and cute and when you are doing it, it doesn't turn out that way at all? Well, I had that experience earlier this week when decorating our gingerbread cookies. I had a picture in my head of decorating some super cute and fancy gingerbread cookies like THIS, THIS or THIS. But as you can guess, things didn't go as planned. I realised at home that I had bought the wrong kind of icing where there was no decorating tip, the sprinkles jar was crappy, and the cookies crumbled very easily. First I got super annoyed, but then as I was decorating them with my daughter and she was so happy, I decided to be happy as well and make over-the-top not-fancy cookies :D And I'm happy that I did as now we have these supercolorful gingerbread cookies which most definitely will cheer up our holiday season!