Moona's dress: 'Letti' Tunic dress by Vimma

I love Vimma - The Finnish clothing brand. Many of their stuff sells out before I have a chance to buy the pieces I want, but the tunic dress in the pictures is one of those that I really wanted for Moona and actually got it before it was too late. It is has the 'Letti' / 'braid' fabric. I also have the adult leggins in the same print. Love them too. The tunic dress is not available at the moment in their webshop. But there is a lot of other cool stuff. Also check out their retailers HERE

Moona has had this tunic dress for a while now and she loves it. I think it's because the fabric is so soft and the fact that it is a dress - dresses are now the thing. I love to use the dress on her here in California weather because the fabric is fairly light / thin so it is not too heavy, but it also covers Moona's arms and that way protects them from the sun. 

The photos were taken in Beverly Hills one weekend when we walked through the Beverly Hills Civic Center. It is a beautiful building with nice shades of blue and turquoise. I think it has this fun 80s vibe for some reason. Moona had picked up a flower - the moment called for a quick impromptu photoshoot :D