We are spending Christmas for the first time as a family abroad. It has been a bit of a struggle to accept that instead of snow and all that wintery ambient we are in the middle of palm trees and pools ;) But it does actually help that it is now winter in here as well, so the evenings are really chilly and dark. It's nice to light a candle and drink a cup of tee - I'm also gonna give eggnog a try :D

I love the christmas trees here! They are so pretty and bushy. Oh and compared to Finnish spruce they are not at all spiky! It's weird! Also the places where the trees are sold are normally quite nice with Christmas decorations and just have a nice and merry feel to them :D

We found the sailor mermaid ornament, Merry Christmas -garland and the paper ornaments from the Seaside Papery in Coronado, San Diego. The ice cream and ball decorations are from Target. I think they make quite a nice combination paired with simple small Christmas lights. Our decor here in our California home is kept to the minimal as we do not want to acquire anything unnecessery to keep the moving-away process (at some point) as easy as possible. Therefore the Christmas tree looks a bit lonely in it's corner ;) But it does brighten up our mood and keeps the holiday spirit alive so it does it's job <3