This year we didn't send physical Christmas cards, but opted to do something else special; We bought a custom Christmas card painting of our family from Langley & Co. Behind Langley & Co is a San Diego based artist called Liz Langley. I had the pleasure of meeting Liz in a Holiday Fair in San Diego couple of weeks ago. She is as lovely as her Instagram feed and Instagram Stories lets you believe. Check out her Instagram HERE. In her Instagram account you will also find a few work-in-progress pics of our card:


Original pictures HERE and HERE

We got to choose the background to our family portrait and for me the choice was an easy one because I just love how the trees look in this background and it made me think of home (Finland). But there are also other cool background options available. Liz also makes postcards, calendars etc. Check out Langley & Co Etsy shop HERE to see everything that is available. I can warmly recommend ordering a custom card from Liz. She is a pleasure to work with and the quality of the end result is superb! 
Thank you Liz <3

With this image I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!  Enjoy the holiday season <3