Törmäsimme tähän super cooliin Juice Served Here "mehukauppaan" ensimmäisellä viikolla ollessamme Losissa kun majailimme sen lähistöllä TÄSSÄ Airbnb asunnossa. Kuvat ovat siis Los Angelesin Venicen liikkeestä, mutta sen voi löytää myös muualta Losista ja OC:n alueelta, katso tarkemmat sijainnit TÄÄLTÄ. Siinä on mulle kaikki kohdillaan; makeat lokaatiot / interiöörit ja terveelliset herkulliset kylmäpuristetut mehut. Tekee hyvää mielelle, kielelle ja keholle! 


Juice Served Here sells cold-pressed juices and you can find them here the Los Angeles / OC area. These images are from their Los Angeles Venice location. We found it by accident while were staying nearby in THIS  Airbnb apartment when we first came to California. The best thing about these juices is the whole experience of getting it from a cool store like this but also the products being so good to you. All the juices are crafted to flush, detoxify, hydrate and strengthen the body. I still have the glass bottle of the first ever juice bought there in our living room shelf as the bottles are so nice too and they remind me of one of the many cool things we've found while staying here. 

You can find all of their locations HERE. Oh, and I just noticed that they have a store in Fashion Island, Newport beach - I am going there tomorrow, so yay, I can grab a juice!