I've been wanting to be able to go to Poketo for years now. Poketo is a lifestyle brand. They sell all kinds of pretty things from stationery (my favorites!) to children's stuff (also my favorites!). I saw an image of the store in Pinterest way back when and instantly knew that this store is right up my alley. So when we were in LA and were about to check out the Arts District area, Poketo was a definite stop. The flagship store was smaller but otherwise just as cool as I had imagined. I bought a kiddy kitchenware set to my daughter and a few pens as a souvenir. I am amazed that I was able to be so subtle with my shopping ;) 

Poketo also has a store at the Line Hotel in Koreatown LA. I have not visited the Line hotel, but would love to see it as it looks amazing in pictures. My dream visit in that area would include eating something at the Line Hotel Commissary , visiting the Poketo store and top it off with a night staying at one of the cool rooms in the Line Hotel. How fun and visually inspiring would that be! 

So if you are ever spending time in Arts District or in Koreatown in LA, be sure to add Poketo on your to do -list. It is a happy place to all those who love pretty things and cool stuff.