We visited the Makers Arcade Holiday Fair in San Diego last December. It was sort of a spur of the moment type of thing. We were planning on going to San Diego to see what it's like and I happened to notice that there was this Holiday Fair by Makers Arcade that particular weekend. So we decided to go. We combined the trip with a visit to Legoland California so we also had some kid friendly activities for that weekend. 

I absolutely loved the holiday fair. It was right up my alley. Artesan spirited shopping, cocktails, food trucks, live music and a lot of pretty things. What more can you ask for? :) Check more pictures of these events from the Makers Arcade Instagram account HERE

I wanted to share the best bits of the visit with you so you can find joy and inspiration too - even without going to the event itself. 



The Bearded Bowtie BOW (bar on wheels) (NOTE! The link does not work at the time of publishing this post, but was active just a few days ago so I left the link in for now if it comes active again soon). The BOW is a trailer that has been converted into a retro and elegant bar for special events. In the holiday fair you could buy drinks from here. And we did. And they were great btw. I just love the idea of an old trailer transformed into something cool like this. There's and Instagram account for it as well, you can find it HERE. There's a lot more beautiful pictures of the BOW in action. Ten points for this one! 

Nickel + Birch . Another cool thing on wheels; Nickel + Birch is a Southern California based store on wheels that curates handmade and small business apparel, jewelry, home interiors, and beauty products. It is a lovely and unique shopping experience with handpicked items. 

Langley & Co card etc. I just love Liz's work. We bought a hand-painted family portrait card from her for Christmas last year. Read more about it HERE. You can find her Etsy shop HERE. Go and shop! :) 

The next Makers Arcade event will be the Spring Fair Saturday April 29th 2017. I have it in my calendar - maybe you should add it too? ;)