Las Vegas is a real aesthetic explosion. It is full of different colours and shapes and the weirdest things next to each other. But it doesn't stop on the Strip. On our trip to Las Vegas we spent most of the time on the Strip, but we did venture a little bit to downtown Las Vegas where we found all kinds of colour and life. There we headed to the Container Park - which by the way, has a very nice treehouse playground area for kids. On the way there we saw these beautifully painted containers and just had to stop and take selfies and photos. Naturally. In the photos Moona is proudly showing her new music box ;) 

When we got home we learned that the containers were a part of A festival called Life is Beautiful which happens in Downtown Las Vegas in September. It is a celebration, uniting people who love music, art, food and ideas. There is music, stories, food, art etc. In 2017 it will be held September 22 — 24. In 2015 as a part of the Life is Beautiful festival downtown Las Vegas was literally changed to an open-air art gallery. One part of that was the above pictured painted containers, a piece called "Shipping Containers" by Jason Woodside. Jason is a New York City painter who produces kaleido scopic large-scale murals of bright geometric patterns, in this case adorning two of the shipping containers that have become a fixture of downtown's development. Woodside has done public works in Sydney, Paris, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and the Vegas shipping containers are a permanent installation.

The exact location of the containers is HERE